Over the past several years, it’s become increasingly clear how important it is to have a fresh perspective on the geopolitical events of the day…along with specific advice on how those events will affect the stock market.

One such investment advisor has been leading a small, but profitable group of investors to some extraordinary profits in both good markets in bad over the course of a 25+year investment career.

His name is Dennis Slothower, and readers of his monthly advisory service, Stealth Stocks, have been able to pocket some remarkable gains since its inception in December 2001.

Right now – with so much danger in the market – there’s one important point that must be in the front of your mind when making any investment decision:

No matter if you’re buying, selling or holding...You cannot afford to lose money.

Dennis Slothower’s market commentary and predictions have been celebrated by mainstream media sources such as Marketwatch.com…and his trading record has been certified by the fiercely independent Hulbert Financial Digest.

Dennis also is an absolute master at taking into account how world news – the true “market-moving events” – will impact each and every investment in his trading portfolio. No one else does this any better than Dennis Slothower…and Dennis has been doing it for years.

And now –Dennis shows you how to profit from significant events all over the world.

But that’s just the beginning, really. Because the strength of Dennis Slothower – as his subscribers will tell you – is his ability to stay ahead of the “big event.”

For example…

  • Dennis was one of the first investment advisors to warn about the coming effect of higher oil prices on the stock market and how OPEC declared “war” on the US economy…all the way back in the fall of 2002!
  • "I want you to appreciate how much the price of crude oil has been strangling our economy over the past year and how OPEC is once again playing havoc with fragile world economies”. - - (Stealth Stocks Newsletter, October 2002)
  • Dennis also called the bear market bottom within 10 days back in that same month! The Dow Jones hit an intra day low of 7181.47 – while the NASDAQ bottomed out at 1108.49. Dennis saw that both of these indices were bottoming out and positioned his readers for an explosive move up!

Dennis will continue to identify carefully-selected profit opportunities – even in the most volatile market periods.

And he’ll continue to issue daily briefings – sent directly to your email inbox – that explain what’s about to happen next in the markets.

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